Brujo Benavides

I'm a Programmer and a Tech Lead. A Trainer and a Blogger. I'm an Open-Source and TDD advocate. I design, build and lead high-quality software projects. I'm passionate about what I do and I'm blessed to do what I love.

I started using computers when I was 9, programming when I was 10. I wrote many programs in Basic for Commodore, mostly small games. When I was 18, I got my degree in Computer Technical. I wrote some real-life programs in Visual Basic, like administrative software for taxi agencies.

My first paid work was in a banking software company called G&F in February of 2000. I started as a junior programmer and through the years I became a senior developer, tester, project leader, tech leader and finally, software architect. Those systems had strong volume, performance and security requirements. After 8 years there, I switched to Novamens, where I started developing VoIP systems in Erlang.

At the same time, I was studying at the Buenos Aires University to become the computer scientist I am now. My final thesis project was a development platform built in Haskell, called ╬╗Page.

Then I met Chad DePue when he was creating Inaka. I worked there since its very beginnings, developing highly concurrent applications. I eventually became its CTO and when Inaka was acquired by Erlang Solutions, I worked there as a Tech Lead and Trainer, too.

I'm now a developer again and, after several years working with Erlang, I feel very confident with it. I've been in a Tech Lead position for enough time to feel confident with it, too. Nevertheless, I keep learning new stuff about both worlds every day. And what I learn, I share through my blog :)

I've created strong bonds with the development community, both locally and worldwide. That positioned me as the local community manager and allows me to organize events and speak publicly at various conferences.

What I like most about my work are the challenges and the possibilities to use my creativity in a productive way.

Brujo Benavides